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SELF-LOVE (2021)
Moody AF (2023)

Interview with a broken narcissist (2022) 

My work exposes my biography, my emotions, my body, my inner wounds, my traumas, to go back into the things that we repress, that we keep silent. 

So my personal struggle kind of functions as a new state of awareness to others as well.

To open up a reflection or even a new state of understanding.

To embrace darkness.

To transmute pain.

To mirror our social traumas and the individual ones.


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Grace Jones interview (1985) sampled with a beat I produced (2020) 

JUL 11,

I’ve got a new studio where I’m painting and writing inspired by an astrological aspect that I was born with: Venus-Opposite-Pluto.

This aspect basically is the tension between love (Venus) and death/re-birth (Pluto).

Absorbed by this opposition I started working as a way of transmuting my pain, or to not go insane. Deepen into destructive love, obsession, dependency, abuse, abandonment and limerence.

 ‘Venus-opposite-Pluto’ (2022)

As an image created from a damage innocence, or a poetic reflexion of a condition, maybe as a form of awareness, or to find beauty in agony.

I combine explicit sexuality with poetry, trying to re-contextualize and transform this misogynist voyeuristic way of perciving women’s bodies, and sexuality itself.

I’m inspired by Frida Kahlo ( July 6, 1907) and Tracey Emin (July 3, 1963). Both Cancer signs like me 

Pluto’s transmutative energy understands the necessity of going deep into darkness to be reborn in light.

To work the trauma like a self-exorcism, but also, as a way of giving yourself completely, like a sacrifice, building a space of ritual.  

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