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Emptiness that you fill up with colors

Emptiness that you fill up with sex.

Madness is running over my body

My legs open against the bed 

Touch me always

I said

Like that feeling of belonging

Change your skin like a snake 

And put your fingers deep inside me.

Orgasms are not mental.



Wanna play


Covered in paint 

Black roses are watered 

By our fluids.

The snake 

Came over to play

In the dark palace 


The moon is talking. 

So we don’t speed up the illusion

We pretend to be static 

To not devour our organs.

Water poem

I have a poem of every person i fuck with

Kinda Tracey

Kinda fuck boy 

Kinda hopeless 


I need love as I need art

I need art as I need life.

I need words

As I need water.

The beauty of the unfinished
Like a leave eaten by an ant
Like this painting
That doesn’t need me anymore.

Jan 07, 2023 - 2:19 

I’m like a butterfly,

Perfect for a day

Or two.

I behave like 

A carnivorous plant




Per day.

Red lights

Red flags 

Turning on and off 

I almost can touch the buildings

With my eyes half way 


To abyss. 

Open the wigs


The sky is


Jan 06, 2023 - 5:24AM

Algorithm know me better than myself 

Brain fucker 

Mercury in Gemini


Like your



Wet pussy


and spicy.

Like sashimi with ginger.



The consistency of my actions.

Like the bpm of your existence.


Jan 06, 2023 - 3:38AM

3:00am is like breakfast 


We talk a lot

Like a princess

In bed

Eating ice-cream from deli.

I got an e-mail 

Your account is low 

Low like my Vitamin D 

I’m not into vamps 


Or unavailable thinkers. 

I’m cracking my bones

Like Baroque 


Like my overwhelming amount of concepts


Make the time last. 

Jan 06, 2023 - 2:16AM

Cup of coffee



Cup of coffee


Is winter 

And you know the feeling





Saturn return 



I miss him,

My Beta fish.

Like that weird feeling of home. 

It’s so hard to paint

When I’m still looking for clips to smoke.

The melody of a broken house



I need money

I’m creating good work

I’m domesticating my beasts. 

     They say I push the boundaries.

        But to me is to reach the truth.


     -What’s the truth?

                                             The truth smells like flowers.

                   And I know perfumes can be fatal.

                                                                   They say i idealize relationships. 

                                                                         But they don’t know how to color the clouds. 



                             I'll shut up 

                                                                                         I don't

                                                                                      Know you.

                                                                               But somehow I do 

                                                                               Because your pain 



                                                                                                                                It’s a reflection of someone else’s 


                     -Who knows



                                                             ‘Painting is not sweet

                                                             It hurts’



                                                                                        I won't hurt you, 


                                                                                                              Even tho it might be my nature.

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3 Spanish poems 2022

1. Venus opposite Pluto

Me and my toxic relationships.

Does exist none toxic relationship?

or is the love

the toxic one?

I could kill myself for love

or is the need of love

that makes me feel alive?

You’re the excuse of my vices

or maybe

You’re my biggest one. 


2. A wish 


I wish I was born happy 

And don't tell me none of us do.

You know what i mean 

I'm talking about happiness

A peaceful environment 

An emotional safety  


I wish i'll get there

To the illusion 

of the feeling 

of protection

I wish death wasn't the opposite of life.

The loop of living ..

Where is the exit bottom? 


And if I resign love? 

And if I switch the illusions of time? 

And if I let all the emotions at once?

Maybe i'll get to the top

and I'll fall asleep there forever.


3. Demon 


How to kill a demon? 

Cut it out 


I've found the hidden key 

From my invisible cage.. 


Animal or sculpture? 

The curator's indecision. 


What would we be without a conflict? 


And the lil monster that refuses to adapt to my body. 


The line 



and creation.


The smell of my wet painting 



Where can we go now? 

To the end 

or the beginning 

of a poem.


4. Limerence


I said the magical word

And the vampire came.


Love me 

Right now

At the edge of insanity

I said. 




A lyrical

Porn star! 


I take

the obsessive

for lunch

With a leash

and a lil hat. 

Cupid’s kiss,

Coffee lips.

My favorite

Jazmin poison.


or manipulators


the same blood.


A monster

in a shape

of a goddess. 

A goddess

in a shape

of a muse

Video call from the underworld

like a bitter drug in summer. 

NY, 2022. 

NY 2019 

1. Zoo 

Thinking of you

is like buying from the same shitty dealer 

is like jerking off with the same porn movie

and i don’t have any leftover to feed the emptyness. 

so i go to the zoo

to put myself in a cage

so maybe they will take the libido out of me. 




I would say that if we would be more rational

we would love better

and that sounds so stupid. 

in actions

there’re words

and if we would be animals?

it would be more difficult,

because we are not. 

and what happens with that now?

with that thing that is in between us.   

2. Fog

I think what I like about you

the most

is how fast you make everything around you so spooky.

You are like an abstract shadow

with that black curly hair

and that aloof way of being.

sadness is like an orgasm 

every time i cry i get wet

like my pussy when you touch it.

I love you

but only how you can love darkness

just for a lil bit

without falling in love. 


3.  Deforme

Nací con un dedo deforme 

en realidad con dos

mis dos pulgares

creo que por eso elijo deforme

que ' weirda‘

pero mamá

es que soy diferente

-yo también.

por eso te sentís deforme 

cuando escribes

tu intimidad


te crees único

como yo


y después pensé:

estar borracho es el mejor estado para escribir.

y después pensé:

no estoy borracha

o quizás sí

borracha de angustia.

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